Alkmaar International Youth Basketball Tournament

22 t/m 24 may, 2020
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22/5: from 15.00h arrival at De Rijp (sporthal de Oosterven)

19.00h Opening of the Alkmaar International Youth Basketball Tournament


23/5: Games start at 09:00h until 18:00h in Alkmaar and De Rijp.

20.00 Partytime in sportcafé De Oosterven, De Rijp

Sunday 24/5:

Games start at 9:00h until 13:00h in Alkmaar and De Rijp.

14:00h semi-finals & finals in De Rijp.

16.00h end of the tournament


Games will last 2 x 20 minutes non-stop with a five-minute break after the first half.

Semi-finals and finals will be extended. However, this depends on the tournament time schedule.

All games will be played according to the FIBA rules, with the following exceptions:

- both teams have 1 time-out per half.

- special rules for the last two minutes of the official game will not be in place.

- If a player receives his or her 4th fault, he or she must leave the game.

The FIBA rules apply also for the uniforms. The home team (the first team mentioned in the program) has to redress if uniforms of both teams have the same colour.


The winner of a game receives two points, the loosing teams gets zero points. A draw gives both teams one point.

If teams are equal in the group, first the game(s) between the teams decide(s) the ranking, followed by the number of scored points.

Participating Teams


Team one


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